There are many editing options I can do. Included with any purchase I will fix the levels and sharpen if they are needed. Any of the below edits will cost extra. Prices will vary depending on the extent of the edit(s).

Extracting is when you cut the subject out of the picture. There are many ways to do this. I use a combination. I enjoy doing it, though it is time consuming.

Black & White with Color
This is also a fun technique where the photo is black and white with bits of color showing through certain places to accent them.

Out of Bounds
This is where part of the subject is sticking out of the frame.

The Balloon is out of bounds
The wings are out of bounds also a fantasy edit.

This is where the picture blends is with the background.

Also an out of bounds edit on the bottom right picture.

Aw I love doing fantasy edits. They are very time consuming and involve many editing techniques, but if you're into that sort of thing it can be well worth it.
Other Edits
of course there's always your black and white, sepia and blending sepiaIt's not just black and white....the channels of gray are carefully balanced to optimize the photos appearance.

Anywhere from just a hint of tan to chocolate brown.

here I used a blending of sepia to enhance the photo. I love how it made the red pop!

Photo Restoration

I can also restore your old family photos or possibly some newer ones that need some restoring.


I can put your pictures in a name or any word. Each letter can be individually framed for the wall, or the whole name together.

Had another edit in mind? Ask me about it!