Thanks in advance for giving me the opportunity to enhance your treasured memories! Follow these steps to make it happen!
Step 1- Fill out the order form below and e-mail to me at treasureyourmemories@live.com . I will be sure to contact you asap so we can agree on the pricing and you can deliver your photos.

Step 2 - Half of the final price must be paid in advance by paypal. Go Here to set up a paypal account if you don't have one already.

Step 3 - You will receive small images of the order as soon as possible. These will be in a low resolution and have a watermark. I can still adjust little parts of the layouts in this stage.

Step 4- You pay the rest of the price we agreed on.

Step 5- When the payment is completed, your files will be sent to you by email or by cd rom, depending on your original order request.
Please copy this form and e-mail it to me.
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* items are mandatory. Don't worry I will never release or sell your information!

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Is there a page you saw in my slide show that you would like your page based on? (all pages are unique please specify if you like how the page is laid out or if you like the color combination. List the page title so I know which page you are talking about.)
Colors you wish to incorporate:
Type of elements you’d like ( do you like glitter or simple accents? Masculine or Feminine? Ribbon and/or lace? Bold or Script Lettering?) :
Journaling, Quotes, lyrics you'd like used:
The page Theme (Seasonal (fall, winter, etc), Events (wedding, birthday, graduation), or Vintage (family albums) :
Any special Edits: (Blending, Extractions):
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Any part not filled out I will use my own discrestion on to make the page lovely.

It is of great importance to send the pictures in the best quality possible, so please do not resize them to smaller versions.

Due to the nature of the service, pages can not be re-made (with the exception of complete negligence to costomer’s wishes)