What's Scrap for Hire?

You probably have great pictures like these all over your computer.

What do you do with them now? You could get them printed, and then what? put them in a shoe box never to be seen again like all your old photographs?

What a sad fate for some of the best memories of your life!

Sure you'd like them in a nice album, but you don't have the time. Let me help! I can turn your pictures into beautiful scrap pages like this:

You can then have me print them for you page by page so you can put them in your own album, or I can do a whole album for you and have it printed into a nice book. You can then place it on your coffee table for all to enjoy! Or I can just send you a CD with your pages on it for you to print as you desire. (All printed items will also come with a CD).

You're memories don't need to be hidden away. They can be treasured!